H & H Eyecare is proud to announce that after researching and demonstrating the retinal optomap on our opening weekend, we have decided to invest in this amazing piece of equipment and make it a permanent part of our already advanced eyecare equipment.

Owner, optometrist, Khal said, “Most opticians these days offer retinal photography but the size of image they capture is only the central 15% of the retina. The retinal optomap captures an image of 82% of your retina in a safe and non-invasive manner. Having demonstrated the optomap for our opening weekend and having detected so much more pathology in the space of 3 days, it was imperative that we continued to provide this level of advanced eyecare for our patients. Our aim is to always provide the best in eyecare and will always continue to do so in the future.”

This amazing piece of technology will enable us to see and capture more of your eye than ninety seven percent of other opticians.
We are one of only four practices in the whole of Greater Manchester and Cheshire to offer the optomap.
Our 82% retinal photography versus 15% elsewhere.

Come and see what your conventional retinal photograph is missing!